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We should stand with Ukraine


The ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict has finally reached a peak in conflict, it is clear that Russia was not content with just Crimea and it’s conquest will continue. If we do not stop Russia of course, we may face the consequences of an increasingly more aggressive Russia. As such, much like we have done in the past, we must preserve Democracy and the autonomy of Ukraine and its people.

Peace is not an option when our foe is so hellbent on aggression and conquest. It is clear Russia wants to regain their empire. The conquest of independent nations that are universally recognized by the international community cannot be tolerated.

The invasion of Ukraine has been brutal and with the intent to demoralize and defeat the Ukrainian people. An authoritarian dictatorship invading a democracy will not provide the Ukrainian people with their freedoms and liberty.

We founded NATO to preserve and maintain a free world, and we should uphold this value in our defense of Ukraine. Sanctions are simply not enough, we need to send assistance to Ukraine in order to accomplish world peace.

If we do not do so we risk enabling Russia to continue it’s tyrannical rampage across Europe. No policy of appeasement should be followed, or else we risk a repeat of WW2. It is a foolish idea that Russia will be happy after just Ukraine and Crimea. 

We should act as a bastion of democracy and liberty, and we can do so by helping our allies facing tyranny. Ukraine applied for NATO membership, it is clear that they share our values and mission to preserve liberty for the world. 

It is clear that the Ukrainian people wish to be independent from Russia, and they have their own right to autonomy and self-determination as a people. The bad history of Russia oppressing Ukraine ranges from the Holodomor and the starvation of Ukraine to now. 

The Ukrainians are bravely fighting for their independence as a country without our assistance and if we continue this policy we risk watching the first violent annexation in decades. 

America’s inaction on this issue rings throughout the free world and establishes a precedent where America and her allies can be bullied by authoritarian warmongering states.

Ukraine serves as a strategic point to where we are able to contain the rabid dog that is Russia, it is becoming excessively clear that our allies are next on the Russian imperial chopping block.

Which is why we mobilized troops into Poland, we need to avert a humanitarian crisis and we can do so by eliminating the only nation that has been consistently waging a violent brigade against democracy.

As such we should stand with Ukraine not only as a strategically but as champions of the torch of democracy that prides itself on advancing humanity and spreading peace and stability across the globe.

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