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America is in no position to intervene


In light of the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, war has been on everyone’s minds. It is to my great dismay that I have heard many of my fellow Americans back intervention on the part of Ukraine. It appears as though we have not learned our lesson from the last time we intervened, the loss of American lives on foreign land is not necessary and should be avoided.

Intervention is America’s favorite pastime for elitist politicians who want a strong issue to campaign on, the same people voting for their interests rather than yours should not be trusted in establishing a new frontline for America.

More importantly it is not in our best interest to invade, not only is our economy not strong enough to support such an intervention but it would just cause more literal harm. As American intervention would mean a bloodier war for both sides, especially given that Putin threatened “those who may be tempted to intervene”.

War is not good, I do not believe that this statement is particularly controversial, but it must be acknowledged. There is little reason for us to shed blood on the part of Ukranians, although one can empathize with the loss of lives due to war we cannot allow nationalist fervor to cloud our judgment. 

While I doubt there will be any serious intervention on the part of NATO, it is still important to recognize the failings of the pro-intervention argument. Those who don’t realize that militarily we are consistent failures since the Cold War.

We are in no position to intervene, morally or otherwise. We have no interest in this Russian-Ukrainian War, an inter-imperialist conflict based on ethnic and nationalist rhetoric.

The identity of the modern nation state is rooted in a connection between the individual and the state, as a result wars fought between rulers were fought by the people not the rulers. People who fail to disconnect the two are easily fooled into believing that rhetoric like “we must protect democracy across the world”.

The cultural aspect of superculture of dialectics is vital to understanding the role that it plays in rulers waging war, nationalism acts as a mechanism for capitalist and imperial interests to justify violence and murder. 

War should not be encouraged as a display of strength, that is how we got to the humanitarian failings of both World Wars and the multiple proxy wars we fought with the USSR. 

Those who call for war against Russia fail to understand what it rightfully means, as does those who virtue signal on Ukraine and insist that they would not engage in warfare as if moral warfare exists.

With the awareness that there is no moral, economic, or non-nationalist reasoning for intervention there is no reason to intervene on the side of Ukraine, as they are neither a member of NATO nor are they countrymen of which we have obligation to defend. 

Further on, what does this mean for NATO? It is not likely that NATO and by extension, American global hegemony, continues into this new era of geo-politics. 

NATO, constructed to oppose the USSR, who struggled to form an identity after its main antagonist fell and there was less global justification for American spheres of influence. Acting as a faction assisting and aiding American imperialism.

The future of global politics is unknown, but its unlikely NATO will maintain its level of influence over the coming years.

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