Athletes return gear and receive awards


Melanie Pena

Students must turn in their athletic gear.

Due to the coronavirus and the cancellation of school, many student-athletes have been left asking questions such as when and if they will be receiving varsity letters and when they should return their uniforms. Now that school has been canceled for the rest of the school year, the spring sports seasons are officially over.

Katelyn Uhler wrote in the IB newsletter that the athletic drop off will occur from May 12-13. During this time, students who have their uniforms are to return them to the school from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Additionally, some letters and awards will also be given out depending on coaches’ decisions.  

Usually, at the end of a season, student-athletes are rewarded for their hard work by getting a varsity letter they can keep forever. To earn one of these, the coach usually looks back on the season to see how committed the athletes were to the sport and the accomplishments they achieved. 

In high school sports, to earn a letter, some sports may require a certain amount of playtime. For example, in baseball, an athlete may be required to play in at least 70 percent of the total innings on the schedule, whereas in basketball, a player may be required to play in 80 percent of the scheduled games. 

However, this season was a little different. As the season has ended early, some coaches have decided that it is only right to give out the varsity letters their athletes deserve while some have not yet decided. “Due to CoronaVirus, we will not be able to continue our 2020 season. This has left many players and coaches frustrated and I was not informed on if any players will be receiving varsity letters,” said baseball player Matthew Theofel.

Due to the virus, normal ceremonies such as banquets that would usually be held are not able to happen anytime soon leaving many lost. “All I have heard is that there is a scheduled date for us to drop off the uniforms and receive letters [for track members]. The virus has affected my situation because I didn’t completely finish my season but I am grateful we are healthy,” said member of the track team Alexia Thompson.