The Mandolorian is back for a second season


Mandalorian cover image from the Disney+ streaming website

The Mandolorian, a Star Wars-themed spaghetti western-like show that will surely leave you wanting more, has finally released the first few episodes of its highly anticipated second season. The first one released on October 30 and is now available to watch on Disney Plus.

The first episode was called “The Marshal”, and was directed by the esteemed John Favreau, known for his work on the Iron Man movies.The episode was a lengthy 52 minutes, and was filled to the brim with beautiful scenery and compelling characters. The episode consists of the titular Mandalorian trying to locate other Mandolorians so they can help him find force-sensitive sorcerers, known as Jedi. His quest leads him to the dusty dunes of Tatooine, a familiar location for fans of the franchise.

Compared to the season one finale, this episode had a drastically different atmosphere, giving the viewer a sense of suspense and wonder at all times.

Although the episode was visually spectacular, the story arc was a bit mundane. Many would consider the episode to be filler, lacking real character development. However, this did not make the episode any less enjoyable. 

Overall, the episode was very entertaining, but the newly introduced characters felt like throw-aways and didn’t seem that important to the overall plot, but perhaps future episodes will give them more important roles.

The next episode was “The Passenger”, which was directed by Peyton Reed and released on November 6th, and is a solid inclusion to the story.

This episode consisted of our Mandolorian continuing his search for another of his kind after his quest on Tatooine proved to be a bust. He winds up having to escort an alien traveller, along with her eggs, to another planet safely in exchange for information on other potential Mandolorians. The episode was very adventurous and showed us a new planet with some new creatures along the way, and was just as visually impressive as chapter 9.  

Compared to the first episode, “The Passenger” definitely grew more suspenseful as the story went on, although the pace was still a little slow, and others would consider it yet another filler episode. Nonetheless, the episode was still very thrilling to watch and kept you on your toes until the very last moment. 

The third episode was called “The Heiress”, and it was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard and released on November 13th. This is the most recent episode, and the most interesting by far.

It picks up right where the last one left off, continuing to follow the Mandalorian as he tries to fulfill his promise of getting the traveller and her eggs safely to the planet they requested, which is an ocean world filled with strange and interesting aliens, and of course, pirates. 

In comparison to the last two chapters, this episode is considerably the most thrilling and action-packed one. Although it is only centered around one planet, that does not take away from the experience at all. It contains elements of confusion and betrayal, as well as excitement when an old fan favorite character returns in live action form. As it goes so far, these first three episodes have shown tons of promise and will surely make you anticipate seeing what the rest of the season has in store.

In the end, considering these first three episodes I expect the rest of the season to be just as amazing, possibly even topping season one’s amazing story by adding more to this incredible tale and leaving you asking for more. May The Force Be With You.