Disney’s Soul resonates in viewers hearts


Image from Soul movie poster sourced from the Disney website

Soul, the newest movie released by pixar on December 24, 2020. The movie could easily be considered another one of Pixar’s animated classics. 

Its main character is called Joe Gardner, voiced by the esteemed Jamie foxx. Other notable characters include Paul (Daveed Diggs) and “22” (Tina Fey). These are just two of the countless amazing characters and the actors who voice them.

Let’s get down to the plot, I’ll explain it the best I can without giving away spoilers. You follow Joe Gardner and his dream of becoming a famous musician, Joe is an expert pianist just like his father before him. He is so entranced in the thought of accomplishing his dream that he forgets to enjoy life around him and to stop and appreciate it. 

This is a recurring theme in the movie and will become more apparent the further you watch the movie. Whilst chasing his dream he would sadly die due to his own excitement and end up in the afterlife, a soul without a body. Whilst in the afterlife Joe will meet a character called “22” and she will try to help him get back to Earth, they go on a wild adventure, but eventually end up back on Earth. 

Although Joe does not end up on Earth the way he intended, the rest of the plot is for you to find out and enjoy. 

My overall opinion of the movie after watching it was a bit disappointing, the movie leaves you with an ending that you may interpret any way you wish, like an art piece in a museum. 

The movie can seem like just another throw-away animation kid’s movie, but I beg to differ. The movie’s theme and the topics it tackles are way too deep to be interpreted by a younger, less mature audience.

 It tackles themes of  loneliness, failure, and death in a way that seems so mature even in the form it is presented. Sure it has its silly and goofy moments, but there are also the moments where you can truly relate to the scenes or experiences characters go through.

 It makes the characters truly feel human, showing the realistic struggles of another person. The movie does this so well in fact that I am confident enough to say that it’s less of a movie for kids and more of a movie for an older audience. I say this because of the overwhelmingly deep and surprising matter they express these topics and there is no way of explaining without watching the movie. 

In the end, the movie is a very good interpretation on the struggles and sacrifices one must take in order to reach their dreams, but it also counters that with what is truly lost when you devote your life entirely to one purpose.

 It’s recurring message of taking a breath and enjoying the life around you once in a while, is a message anyone anywhere can truly take and use to better themselves and the people around them.