Guide To Getting A Girl On Valentines Day


Allison Brown

Graphic depicting the way to a woman’s heart.

Valentine’s Day, the holiday that celebrates those in love while expressing their feelings with romantic gestures and showering each other with gifts. AKA the most important day of the year for girls and the most stressful day for boys. Girls set high expectations for themselves because it is the one day of the year they don’t have to ask for these services of love. 

         The most simple, yet most important way to start Valentine’s day is bringing a girl flowers. This may seem like a cliche, but will instantly put a smile on her face. Any girl would love to receive them because it shows that you are thinking about her the second the day has begun. This gesture already puts you one step closer to securing you your dream girl. 

       Another very important thing to do is compliment her, the little things matter the most. Be specific with your compliments, don’t be basic. For example, telling a girl she is beautiful is nice to hear but telling her that she brings joy to your life is a lot more personal/authentic and makes her feel that you appreciate her, not just what she looks like. Most girls appreciate genuine compliments rather than generic ones that only observe the surface of your relationship. 

      After you swoon her with the flowers and compliments, ask her out on a romantic dinner date. If you are unsure what nice restaurant to take her to, have her take a guess and pick the first suggestion she gives. 

      While you’re at dinner, spark a juicy conversation about topics such as what’s on your bucket list, future plans, explaining why they hate certain child names, favorite childhood TV shows, etc. Make it fun and be goofy, it’s not a job interview. At the end of dinner you take the check, the girl should not have not have to pay for dinner no matter how much she asks. 

      After dinner, the perfect way to end the night is taking her to get ice cream, your treat. Nothing can end the night better than a sweet treat. 

       Once you’re on the way home, do not just drop her off. Make sure to walk her to her door, making certain she got home safe. 

       Any girl would be extremely impressed with the effort exerted for the holiday and how respectful you would come off as. This guide ensures that you will get and keep a girl on Valentine’s Day.