Which White Shoe is the Biggest W?


Allison Brown

Vans Old Skools deemed heavenly and superior

In modern fashion, the use of extravagant colors has become a very widespread trend. These outfits can be harsh on the eyes, and there’s no better way to clean up the color palette with some white apparel. So of course, the fashion industry turned to white shoes as a way to compensate for the colors on their outfits. 

But between professional models and high-school fashionistas, both have sparked a debate: what is the best white shoe? 

There are many white shoes, from white boots and white Vans, to even white Jordans. But which is the best?

The best white shoe in my opinion has to be one that’s practical, easy to style with a variety of outfits, and comfortable. That eliminates white boots, as they don’t fit any of the three criteria listed above.

We’re left with Vans and Jordans. I think the next shoe we can eliminate are Jordans, even though I love the shoe.

While Jordans are very versatile thanks to the variety of silhouettes the shoe comes in. They’re great performance-wise on the basketball court, and also a great lifestyle shoe. My personal favorites are the Jordan 1’s and 4’s, which both also can come in a white colorway. 

Both silhouettes are very versatile, as they match with a lot of styles. Jordans can go with grunge styles, softer styles, and sometimes even more formal styles. 

Jordan 1’s and 4’s are also pretty practical, as my personal pair of Jordan 1’s have lasted me a long time. Their simple yet classic style is also one that is great for people who just want a shoe that isn’t too extravagant, but still stylish. 

My issue with Jordans is that they’re not too comfy for long-time use, and start making your feet feel sore after 10-12 hours. 

Moving on to probably the most popular white shoe on this list, we have the white Vans. Like Jordans, vans come in some silhouettes. These silhouettes include the classic Old Skool Vans, the subtle yet slick slip-on Vans, and the very-imposing Skate-Hi Vans. 

All of the listed silhouettes come in white colorways. I’ve only had a personal experience with the Old Skools, and cannot really speak for or against the other silhouettes from a personal standpoint. 

The Old Skools fit similar to Jordan 1 lows in my opinion, and also have the same issue; they tend to get uncomfy after 10-12 hours. 

I think slip-ons are very overrated, but I can see why. They’re a very easy shoe to style, and can blend in with a good amount of styles. 

Finally, there’s the Skate-Hi Vans. They’re basically the Old Skools but go up to your ankles. Because of these similarities, they probably also have the same issue as Old Skools with the uncomfiness.

From an affordability standpoint, Vans Old Skools are probably the best white shoe. Skate-Hi’s are probably not good for practicality, since they go up to your ankle which can limit your maneuverability. Slip-ons are also a good contender for the best white shoe, but the association with “basic” people really kills the shoe for me. Old Skools are the superior Vans, because of their classic history, the ease to style that comes with the shoe, and the affordability.