Cape High puts on first comedy after Covid

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in a Bad Murder Mystery is the comedic show premiering May 21 through May 22 in Cape Coral High School’s auditorium at 7:00pm. It follows a delusional director, bitter stage manager, and really bad actors trying to get through their murder mystery show. 

The plot doesn’t stray far from reality, as the drama program has an amazing cast and crew but has struggled more than ever. With no sponsor or teacher, student directors tried day and night to even get the production off its feet. It took them months to get a sponsor and enough people to join.

“We came from nothing; after COVID hit, the whole theatre department fell apart,” said senior Dezaray Gartin, the current stage manager of the Drama Club. 

Luckily, math teacher Miguel Torres Lopez stepped up to help. “I am a person that really likes to be involved and help when needed. Also, I was looking for something to do after school with students. This was the perfect opportunity to do it.” he said.

This was Torres’s first time doing anything with theatre, however the student directors have been there to lead the way. 

Senior Grace Mcgugan has always been a performer in past productions, but knew that she wanted to direct for her final year. Seniors Anastasia Shovek, Bobby Warren, Isabella Trevisani, and Dezaray Gartin have also been huge parts of the production. 

Gartin said their biggest challenge was people; having enough techies, actors, and anyone else involved to be as dedicated as possible. There have been so many changes and pulling everything together takes lots of hard work.

COVID has also been a lingering problem. Trying to rehearse over Zoom while contact traced has slowed things down, as well as getting around the problem of wearing masks at all times, even during the show. However, this hasn’t stopped the love of acting.

“People should come see this show because it’s funny and you can enjoy a night out watching some people you know,” sophomore Johanna Navarro said. Navarro has been acting since third grade, and this will be her second year in a Cape High performance. 

Warren has also been in the program for two years, always helping out however he can.

The cast is made up of 12 people. While small, everyone in that auditorium is diligent and talented. “Our crew has worked so hard and has just amazed me the entire process.” Mcgugan said. 

Beginning March 8th, the cast and crew have been working on full run , costumes, building sets, and tech details. 

Though growing back piece by piece, the drama department is growing immensely. Everyone is working hard to let the program thrive this year and for many those come. “It has been super fun. A lot of hard work and time consuming, but worth it,” Torres said, planning to come back and supervise in the future.

The runtime of the play is about 40 minutes, with a student surprise for Act Two. Mcgugan and the rest of the crew are excited to show the audience everything they’ve been working on. “This play is definitely a hilarious show. There are so many fun moments that I know I’ll make the audience laugh the entire time”