New school year brings Cape a cosmetic renovation


Clare McMillan

Installation that excites: New paint and security devices blend to make the school look sophisticated and secure

Students entering the 2021-2022 school year might notice some improvements that were made over the summer. 

The interior walls of Cape Coral High school were painted over the summer to a light grey, bulletin boards were reallocated, and the safety systems adjusted.

The light grey that now covers the hallways is the most recent of numerous colors that have coated Cape Coral High School. “I kind of like the grey because it doesn’t stand out,” said language arts teacher Felicita Sanyet who has seen the school dressed in many shades since 2002.

“It has been many years since the walls were last painted. All schools in the district are painted on a rotating basis and it was our turn,” said Principal Christian Engelhart.

Bulletin boards have been scattered through hallways for posters and flyers from teachers, students, and clubs to preserve the fresh coat of paint. 

However, that view is opposed by those who like a more cluttered aesthetic. “A school should have posters everywhere,” claimed Sanyet. “Not putting posters on the walls makes the school look really bare.”

The new professional look is respected but the teachers will always love their posters. Even new teachers, like Cape’s band director Eduardo Ortego, agree, “the entire school is very neutral. It doesn’t offend me, but I’m not falling in love when I walk into the lobby.”

In addition to the new paint and bulletins, security devices have been installed in the ceilings and classrooms to work in conjunction with the new badges that teachers will be wearing.