3 in 1: Cape High hosts a jamboree

For the first time in school history, Cape High hosted a pre-season, Jamboree Classic Football game. Although many classics are held on Seahawk turf, this event successfully brought together three Varsity teams: Ida S. Baker, Fort Myers, and Cape High on August 20th.

The first game was between the Seahawks and the Ida Baker Bulldogs, the second between the Bulldogs and the Fort Myers Green Wave, and the third between the Seahawks and the Green Wave. As a result of this jamboree-style, each team played only two quarters before taking a short break before the next. 

When considering the amount of quarters each team played, each team essentially played a full game. This event was a testament to the new offensive strategies the Seahawks have been practicing in the pre-season. 

Head Varsity Football Coach Barry Bowman said, “We’ve grown a lot, especially offensively. All of it is brand new, the terminology, the line up of it all, and how we’re executing it. We’ve thrown a lot at them and it’s gonna do some good things.”

Unfortunately, the Seahawks fell short of wins against both Ida Baker and Fort Myers with scores of 0-14 against the Bulldogs and 7-14 against the Green Wave. 

Prior to the game, junior defensive end Joseph Giardina stated, “The three games that will be unfolding welcomes a great challenge, but I trust in my teammates ability to execute and make plays as our coaching staff guides us every step of the way.”

  Despite the losses, Cape’s ability to adapt to these challenges were seen in their game against Fort Myers. While Cape had lost to Ida Baker 0-14 and Ida Baker had lost against Fort Myers 0-14, the Seahawks were still able to score a touchdown and the extra point against the Green Wave. 

Senior wide receiver Tyler Williams noticed this improvement in the second game, stating, “By the second game we were playing really well for the most part and we were working together better and executing our plays.”

This was the team’s first chance to play against a fellow varsity team, which brought challenges some players were not expecting. “The first game was the first opponent that wasn’t 5’4, 120 pound JV kid; we still were warming up and getting used to an actual game,” said Senior left guard defensive tackle Dominic Webb.
While the team did not take home any wins, that does not deter Bowman’s belief in a good season. “It’s a classic, it’s not a real game, more like a glorified practice.” 

The game gave players the opportunity to address any present issues before the season started on August 27th with a game against Golden Gate. 

“I think we’re ready for the season, we still need to keep putting in the work and get ready for the game sooner so that all our games can be played as well as we did against Fort Myers or better,” said Webb.


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