Bowling gears up for season

Cape Coral High School’s bowling team may be small, but they are mighty.The Seahawk bowling team has a total of twelve members, seven boys and five girls, and they are looking for more players to join the team. 

 The Seahawk bowling team ended last season placing third in the district and during the lightning round between the top four, they finished fourth, just shy of going to the state championship.This was a strong ending to a great season, but they are planning to top that feat and going even farther.  

The Seahawk bowling team’s first practice was the second week of school and their first game was September first. The first game they actually played this season was a Seahawk victory and a blowout, beating Ida Baker High School five to one. This is a step in the right direction for the Seahawks and it is setting them up for a successful season. 

Jonah Dileonardo, a senior on the varsity bowling team, stated “My favorite part about bowling is the camaraderie and friendships made on the team. Every season feels like a family reunited and working together to accomplish something great. My goals for this season are to build on what we had last year and improve my individual skills. For the team as a whole, I believe we have the potential to go to states this year if we work together and practice hard.”

The bowling team is working very hard and they have their eyes set on the prize, the bowling state championship title. The team typically practices on every Monday and Wednesday from three to four thirty and also in between their games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The bowling team has two co-captions to lead the team to victory. The varsity captains are Sean Kuhlmann and Randy Ayala. 

Sean Kuhlmann, senior co-caption, stated “Some of our strengths as a team is we all work really well together and all push each other to get better each and every game and practice we play. Our goal this season as a team is to bowl our best and go to states this year.”

The head coach of the bowling team, Lamar Bryant, stated “Our main goal this season is to make sure we make it to states. We have to make sure we are improving on our spares and making sure to keep up the energy level.” 

The head coach and the bowling team as a whole have the same goal in mind, bringing home the state championship title for the Seahawks. 

The bowling team welcomes and strongly encourages anyone to come out and join the team. They are ready to crush their goals one strike at a time and potentially obtain the state championship title.


The girls team needs more members to compete! Reach out if you are interested in joining.