The SOCKTOBER fundraiser has returned to Cape Coral High School for the fourth year.


Courtesy of Anchor and Interact Club

Each year, the SOCKTOBER project is introduced at the beginning of October and lasts the entire month until October 31st. The Cape High Anchor and Interact Clubs are sponsoring this event with their advisor Leigh Anne Page. The objective for this fundraiser is to provide socks for people in need, and the SOXboxes placed around the school are organized to collect them. 

According to Page, the goal of this project at Cape High is to collect 2021 pairs of new adult socks, “ The two clubs are sponsoring “SOCKtober” which is an initiative to collect new adult socks that will be donated to our community through the Lee Coalition for the Homeless and Hearts & Homes for Veterans; all donations stay local. Our goal is 2021 pairs-representing this year.” 

Freshman Abigail Cudnik expressed her support on the project, “It’s simple enough, I mean everyone has socks, socks are fairly inexpensive to go and buy and it’s not that hard to just go out of your day and give back because there are a lot of people who might not be as fortunate as you and have as many opportunities and I think that it is our job to help those who have trouble helping themselves.”

According to Page, the way donations will be gathered are through SOXboxes,“ Club members have created SOXboxes and have distributed them through the school.  If you can’t find a box, come to room 145, the media center, the front kiosk or the guidance office to donate.”

Many people don’t think much about the importance of socks, but they are a necessity., “ Socks protect the feet of our homeless groups from sunburn and hot pavement in Florida.  We typically don’t even think twice about this issue, but it is a true need.  Socks wear out quickly and soil easily, so need to be replaced often,” Stated Page.

Cudnik will gladly give to the people in need. “Well, I mean now that I know about Socktober I’ll bring in some socks. I think it is a great way to give back to the community. My family and I always like to donate socks we do not use or extras that we have so I’ll go find some socks and I’ll donate them.”

Across the U.S., local communities are taking action in order to provide protection for the feet of the homeless, According to the website,“Kids and adults around the world have started their own sock drives to benefit their local homeless shelters, ” Even though Socktober ends on October 31st, the staff would gladly accept donations all year long.

Cudnik likes the idea of hosting a community service project in October, since it is outside the borders of Christmas time which is when most drives begin, “I think that that is a great thing to do year-round because there are a lot of charity events that go around around Christmas time, but you don’t really see schools and stuff doing big donation drives outside of Christmas time so I think that they’re doing it now and making it like an October-Halloween thing is fun.”