Apex Legends releases Season twelve


Another season of Apex Legends has arrived. Season twelve released on February 8th, and with this came many new features.

         Apex Legends is an online battle royale from Respawn Entertainment that has the player compete against 100 players to the death. The player must land and find enough weapons and armor before the enemy players attack. To win the game, the player and their teammates must become the last squad remaining. To do this, they must eliminate any opposing players and their squads while keeping caution of the ring, a wall of flame that gets smaller and smaller.

         Much like every new season to Apex, a new playable character has been added. Season twelve’s character is named Mad Maggie. Mad Maggie is a character that will be useful for anybody who wants to push an enemy squad with no worries.

         When Mad Maggie has access to a shotgun, she has a quicker movement speed, making her the second character who gets a stat boost when using certain weapons. While Mad Maggie takes the spotlight of the characters for the season, some older ones including Crypto and Caustic both got major changes.

         Crypto got a major buff this season, as his throwable drone got a big change. His drone is now able to stick to walls and become a stationary camera for personal use of the squad. The drone can also still be used to scan the area around the squad in search of enemies.

         On the other hand, Caustic got a major nerf. Caustic once had the use of “invincible” walls to evade any enemy fire. Now, his walls can be destroyed by the enemy making it more fair to the rest of players not using Caustic.

         The Olympus map has been given two new locations to explore, called Phase Driver and Terminal. This gives players a new way to loot the south side of the map, while also giving them a challenge. The map itself has also got a new name, now being titled “Sabotaged Olympus”.

         Although there were some small changes to other locations, there were no major changes to the map, leaving it as boring as it was before. The new season is like an average bug fix update, as it adds barely little to the map.

         Some actually noticeable changes include the Alternator SMG rotating out of Care Packages. This allows it to be used more often by the player. At the same time, the Volt SMG is rotated into the care packages, making it unable to be used as much.

         The VK-47 Flatline and the Longbow DMR were both rotated into Replicators. This means that these weapons won’t be your average ground loot but instead a craftable item making it harder to acquire.

Hammerpoint rounds have returned to the game, and can now be put on the RE-45 Auto instead of just the P2020 and the Mozambique.

In addition to all of these changes, a new gamemode has been added. The new gamemode “Control” includes two nine player teams fighting over the occupation of many objectives across the map. The gamemode is a lot like the classic Call of Duty gamemode Domination. The teams must control the objectives until one of the teams reaches 1500 points.

With the release of season twelve also comes the three year anniversary of the game. Any new or returning players who have not already gotten access to Wattson, Valkyrie, and Octane, will now be able to unlock them for free. This gives them a new way to play the game and master new characters they haven’t been able to play as before.

While season twelve is a great season, it is not what most players might have wanted. With the lack of really any change, the season might become one of it’s least played yet.