Uncharted is disappointing despite a stellar cast


A combination of the classic 80s movie, The Goonies, and National Treasure, a historical take on an adventure treasure hunt movie, Uncharted was supposed to come off as a new and exciting adventure for all ages to enjoy. Instead, this movie was a disappointment with a rushed plot and a duo of characters that did not click. 

            Uncharted is a movie about a treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan who recruits an orphaned, street-smart bartender, Nathan Drake to recover the long lost treasure of Ferdinand Magellan and his crew. What begins as a quick heist turns into a global excursion and race to find the treasure before a ruthless Santiago Moncada, who believes that the treasure is his birthright, takes it for himself. 

         For such a great concept, this movie is one of the worst treasure hunter movies ever produced. 

Tom Holland, who played Nathan Drake, did a decent job at portraying his character, and had amazing on-screen chemistry with Chloe Frazer, played by Sophia Ali.  These two had a wonderful connection that thoroughly outshines the forced relationship with Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg. 

         Wahlberg did not understand his character at all and most of his interactions with other characters felt unnatural and like a poor attempt by the writers to convey a self-assured and mysterious “adventurer.” His constant need to be the “man” of the scenario was aggravating and annoying, making the film less and less enjoyable. 

         The plot of this movie is a disgrace to all other treasure hunting movies. The first forty-five minutes of the film made no sense, and when they did, seemed completely out of character for many of the people in this film. 

         Why, pray tell, would a street-smart person living on their own in New York City trust a random person who walked into his bar past hours that was pestering him? For the intelligence that Nathan Drake is said to have, he makes some pretty stupid decisions. 

         Also, there were too many convenient plot points in this film. The writers honestly seemed to take the easy route on every aspect of this movie, from the scripting to the entire plotline. The scenes that didn’t feel forced didn’t make any sense to the overall plot, and the rest of the scenes were written so badly that it felt like a child had done all of the work. 

         As this movie is based off of the Uncharted video game saga, fans of the game should be excited and happy with the movie. They won’t be. 

         From the differences in character personalities and lack of supernatural threat in the film, there really was no similarities to the video games in the film other than the name. If someone who only went to watch the movie because of Tom Holland was frustrated leaving the film, fans of the game will want to tear their eyes out by the end. 

         For all of the talented actors and actresses in this film, it was one of the most disappointing and overhyped adventure movies to have been released. With poor writing and even worse performances by well-known actors, it is surprising that this movie has made so much at the box offices. 

         To conclude, this movie is a disgrace to the classic treasure hunting movies, The Goonies and National Treasure. The plot didn’t make any sense and the only relationship that was worth watching grow was the one between Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer. After all, Victor Sullivan spent half the movie parading around his manhood and acting like a fool. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this movie will definitely not give you the satisfaction that comes from a treasure hunting adventure film. Save the cash paying for the ticket and the time sitting in a movie theater recliner, wondering how much longer you have to sit through this hot mess.