Women restrooms need more stalls


             After chugging a big glass of orange juice you will often have to use the restroom and with such a time sensitive matter you may need to do this immediately, however if you are a woman you may have to wait in a long line of others dealing with the same issue. So the only logical answer to solve this issue it’s not to drink less orange juice but to give all of the bathrooms to the women.

            Women are overall the superior gender. They give birth to little humans, which by doing so, compromises their bladder that causes them to use the loo more often compared to others. Because they need to go more often this can cause a pile-up of women who are all needing to use the restroom. 

In order to eliminate this issue the men should rally together and donate their toilets to 

those who need it more: women. If women sacrifice their bodies in order to give life to men the least they can do is return the favor and give women all of their toilets.

            Not only do women need the toilets more, it is their only way to go. Men can simply go wherever. No one really goes number two in public anyways so men should stick to their urinals and give all of the toilets to women. 

            No man has ever had to deal with waiting in line to do something as simple as releasing waste which is why bathroom builders should focus more on the women’s side of things. They should spend more money and time on women’s bathrooms.

            Some may argue that equality means equal number of bathrooms, however if there are always extra bathrooms in a men’s restroom but never in a women’s bathroom this doesn’t sound very equal.  Neither gender should have to wait to use the restroom which is why there should be more stalls in the women’s restroom in order to even it out.

            Not only do women urinate in restrooms they also go through this funky little thing called menstruation. Which is completely unavoidable and happens once a month. This is yet another reason why restrooms are more necessary for women rather than men. 

            Another reason men just don’t need restrooms as much is because they don’t have to pee as badly. Men are more capable of waiting or finding a more convenient time, women are always being told to hold it but if this is the case men just probably don’t need to pee they can just wait till they get home.

            Finally, Men are just kind of inferior. Once they hold a baby in their womb for nine months then MAYBE they can get their own bathroom. Anyways, until men carry fetuses in their body for long periods of time, no one can argue with this philosophy.