Mandatory nap times would provide many benefits to students


Charles Edwards

Student falls asleep in class

Waking up at four in the morning to catch the bus is no easy task. The only available solutions are going to sleep early, or drinking a gallon of coffee. No matter how you tackle this problem, you are inevitably going to fall asleep in class. 

The Lee County School District needs to implement a mandatory nap time in all middle and high schools. This nap time should last for at least one hour and 30 minutes. Countless problems will be solved if a nap time were to exist.

If you were to walk into any classroom within the first hour of the day, there is a 99% chance you would see someone sleeping in there. Students who wake up early lose vital amounts of sleep and this causes them to perform poorly during early classes. 

These same students go home to sleep more to make up for the previous night. After a three hour nap, they must complete homework and review material taught while they were sleeping. This would likely cause a repeating pattern where they have to stay up to complete homework, then wake up early for school the next morning.

Those who fall asleep towards the end of school may have gotten a decent amount of sleep, but not enough to endure the whole school day. A designated nap time would surely fix both of these problems, assuring students get a good amount of sleep to perform their best.

A designated nap time would put everyone in a greater mood, increasing the school spirit and brightening the overall atmosphere. This would give Cape High a boost in unity and communities would be built stronger.

A mandate like this would also show the students that they are cared for, giving the school district a better reputation. A better reputation for the school will give students a better view on public education, and possibly cooperate with its systems of learning.

Nap time would also give a teacher more time to plan for lessons and escape from the atrocity known as teen socialization. Teachers would also be allowed to nap and recover from the lost sleep due to grading papers. 

Lots of students advocate for nap time, arguing that it is a necessity and they can not go without it. They prove that when they take naps in class.

Schools should prioritize a student’s health and well-being over education. Without the proper health, students cannot effectively retain information. This defeats the entire purpose of school, setting a student up for failure.

Some may say a nap time would be crazy due to the fact that students come to school to learn. Why can’t the idea of school be integrated with a guaranteed nap time? Redefining the definition of school with nap time would give parents reassurance that their kids are being cared for and educated well at school.

Nap time would also be a beneficial way of giving students breaks, both mentally and physically. This would allow a student to stay calm as opposed to stressing over an overflow of information.