Elden Ring is a delightfully difficult experience


In most games dying over and over again is a reason why people stop playing, but in Souls games it’s a reason to keep playing. One of the main reasons why people buy Souls games is for the feeling of triumph once you kill that boss you’ve been stuck on for hours.

I knew immediately that this was the best Souls game as soon as I got to the Chapel of Anticipation. This is because as soon as I got to this area, the first area, I was immediately pummeled by the first boss. This first brutal interaction reminded me of the love I have for these types of games and most importantly that this was indeed another Souls Game.

The beauty of Souls game is immediately revealed as soon as you get to Limgrave because the game now allows you complete freedom. You can either do the main objective which is going to Storveil Castle or roam around Limgrave’s many dungeons and catacombs. 

What this Souls game does different then the other games is it offers the option to explore around the vast world and level up your character. So instead of dying to the same boss over and over again(which will happen in this game) you can explore the world and get stronger. 

Usually in open world games the dungeons are just completely identical but in Elden Ring all the dungeons have unique level design with a boss at the end of each one. Yet dungeons aren’t the only thing that the Elden Ring has to offer. 

There are also various POI’s to explore such as abandoned churches and buildings that usually have NPC’s to talk to. In Souls games NPCs are one of the most important aspects due to the fact they all have some type of quest that you can do for them. 

In Elden Ring one of the most popular side quests is done by talking to a NPC called Ranni the Witch. This quest is one of the more complex ones on account of it having multiple steps. This quest is a personal favorite due to it having great characters all throughout the quest.

The great thing about doing a quest is that it reveals the complex lore of the world of the Elden Ring. One of the reasons why the Souls community is so big and popular is because of the complex and overflowing amount of lore. The lore of a game is what connects different areas of the game and what truly immerses players in the world of Elden Ring. 

In most games the story is told by the game holding your hand and telling you exactly what’s going on. Souls games on the other hand tell the story by talking to NPCs. The reason why this story telling works so well is because it gets the player to really appreciate and pay attention to the dialogue with NPC’s. 

Overall Elden Ring is a great game if you want to experience a great story and challenge yourself with difficult bosses. Elden Ring has not only had a great impact on players but has made a change to the gaming industry as a whole. 

In recent years gaming studios have been releasing games that feel like their half done due to them having many bugs and a lacking story. Yet with Elden Ring releasing it definitely showed everyone that it’s not one of those games.  With Elden Ring doing this it’s promoting other studios to release games that are fully fledged out and finished. 

Well this is the end of the Ultimate Elden Ring review and remember Souls players “Don’t go hollow.”