Whispers of Love: A Touching and Sentimental Book


Whispers of Love, written by Humberto Carralero, is a book filled with poems that emphasize three stages of life: love, despair, and salvation. The poems included in this book are very well written and constructed. However, it may be a sensitive read to some, especially since this directly deals with tough emotions. 

Love should not be underestimated. It could have detrimental impacts to one’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Thus if you are into romance, this is a piece I would recommend. It shows the perspective of a person in love and everything that they go through. It gives a deeper dive into romance and includes some direct and bold statements.

  Ranging from the visual on the cover to the last poem, the book is very thoroughly thought about. It has meaningful poems that emphasize the entire process of love, such as the beauty and pain. Whispers of Love illustrates the great amount of love that exists within a person, but also the heartbreak experienced when the other person doesn’t feel the same.

You can tell that Carralero put immense thought into writing this piece, however I do have some issues. The romance included was too intense, and when I first started reading the book I thought it was going to be more about the concept of love, whereas this book has a primary focus on the physical aspects of a romantic relationship. There is a great amount of repetition as well. The author states how he desires to feel the lips of his loved one in many poems. I would have preferred if the focus was oriented towards the feelings rather than physical actions of love.

This only applies to some of the poems, since some pieces were really sentimental and had the ability to give a reassuring and hopeful message.

A really touching poem is “The Dream,” included in the first section of the book. It uses imagery and rhetorical questions to convey the points, and overall, is a pure and kindhearted poem. 

In the second section, Despair, the poem “Desperation ” perfectly represents the entire segment. It primarily focuses on the painful aftermath of rejection and the inability to communicate effectively in fear of rejection. It shows that though love is a precious feeling, it could result in serious heartbreak and a sense of worthlessness.

In the final section, Carralero illustrates the healing process of love. “A Patch for the Heart and The Stage” creates vivid imagery of the trauma that can come from love, but also shines light on the path of healing and hope.

In its entirety, Carralero did a great job in conveying love through the perspective of a teenage boy, and quite frankly it could be applied to any highschool student and their experiences.