Public displays of affection are foolish and uncomfortable

Everyone has seen the constant Public Displays of Affection (PDAs) at most schools and has most likely been victim to the drama of the constantly changing relationship statuses of their peers. If you walk into any high school classroom any moment, you will find teenagers mourning over the loss of their relationships. While it may be entertaining, to be completely honest, this whole concept is malarkey. 

The entire concept of dating in high school is dumb, as it is extremely rare for relationships to even last a month, let alone all throughout high school. Relationships in high school can be very stressful and since high school is supposed to be the best years of a person’s life,  why would you make them less enjoyable by experiencing teenage heartbreak?

Furthermore, if the relationship does manage to beat all of these odds and makes it through high school, it then has to make it through college. Oftentimes, this will be even more difficult because usually these relationships will become long distance, since a lot of students travel out of state and around different parts of a state to receive their college educations. 

            Another thing to consider is the fact that high schoolers’ brains aren’t even done developing at the time of these relationships, therefore, they aren’t probably ready for one. Why weaken a high schooler’s brain potential with something as insignificant as a relationship? This will only hinder the learning process because all of the students’ brain power will be used on the idea of sucking faces with their significant other, rather than learning their calculus homework. 

High school just isn’t the place to look for anything serious because you just won’t find it in developing adolescents. Making others uncomfortable with PDA adds nothing to a relationship that won’t last anyway. 

            If you remove the point that there is a low probability of the relationship lasting and that students are wasting their brain potential, you are still left with the fact that PDA is simply annoying. No one wants to see two people on top of each other under the stairwell. Plus, a lot of students make their entire personality about being in a relationship. People tend to be who they hang out with, so when a couple ultimately breaks up, they are left without a personality and lonely. Yikes. 

            Last but not least, staying out of a relationship will save students money. No one ever has extra money when in a relationship, especially in high school. You shouldn’t be wasting money on dates, but should instead be saving it for college. Don’t get tied down to money and life sucking partners who you will ultimately break up with.

            Overall, high school just isn’t the place to be in a relationship, since teens will only end up lonely, poor, and sad. Students will have plenty of time to focus on finding the love of their life after they graduate; however, for now, they should focus on their studies, their futures, their morals, finding out who they are, and who they want to be.