Recess should be brought back to high schools


In elementary school, most children get restless sitting in a classroom for so many hours a day. So, to keep them entertained, they have recess for about fifteen minutes a day. 

            However, once you make the transition into middle school, your recess is taken away and instead, you switch classes three times a day and call that your exercise. Yes, you get a gym class, but nothing beats the freedom of running around without instructions.

            Once you get through three years of middle school, high school happens. Most people do not have a gym class in high school because they are mainly focused on their studies. 

            The workload also doubles since your classes become more rigorous and trying to prepare yourself for college can become really stressful. So the question is, should we be able to have recess as high school students?

Think about a courtroom, they get a recess to regroup, relax, and recollect their thoughts. So why would it be a bad thing for high school students to get one?

            As the stress starts to build, it becomes hard for people to attend school, due to having work they need to catch up on or because they sleep in after being up all night. Homework has become a big part of academics in high school, which does not give a good number of students enough time for extracurriculars like exercising.

            If students do not get in activity, it becomes bad for their physical health and mindset. By giving them time to be outside and run free, it could serve as a replacement for all the missed exercise. 

            Starting school before the sun even comes up means that most teenagers are exhausted and dragging to class. Plus, having to sit around school all day does nothing to wake them up. If anything, it causes students to become even more tired.

            Having a recess for fifteen minutes a day is just what kids need to wake themselves up and get excited to be at school. Even if people do not like the idea of having to run around outside or in the gym, they can use it as a social time. 

            This allows kids to wake themselves up or even get excess energy out. After being cooped up in classrooms for six hours a day, some students have a lot of built up energy.

            So by allowing them to have time in school to get all that energy out, a lot of classrooms would become less chaotic. This lets teachers get more done in class without having so many disruptions from the kids who can’t sit still. 

            We are learning six hours a day, five days a week and our brains are consistently working during school. For a lot of people, having to process so much information in such a short amount of time is difficult. 

            Being able to have a recess during our school day can help students enjoy school again, and get the exercise they need to feel good about themselves and their schoolwork.