New changes to Homecoming Week


Courtesy of SGA

Hurricane Ian brought devastation to the people of Southwest Florida, and this unexpected impact of this category four hurricane brought a substantial change to plans both at Cape Coral High School and throughout Lee County.

Originally set to be October 18th, Cape High’s homecoming week has been postponed to the week of November 7th, as a result of Hurricane Ian’s impact, such as students missing school for three weeks, as ordered by the Lee County School District. The Homecoming Dance has been moved to Saturday, November 12th, while spirit week has been rescheduled for the week of November 7th through the 11th. 

“Everything [in reference to the Homecoming Dance theme and time] is going to be the same as before, except we decided to change some of the dress up days. The new days are Adam Sandler Day, Bikers Versus Surfers, Glam Day, and Spirit Day,” stated Allison Brown, a senior working with the Student Government Association’s [SGA] Executive Board to plan activities and decorations. 

Along with this, Decades Day will be taking place on Friday, as Spirit Day has been moved to Thursday. 

Courtney Thompson, a senior and SGA Representative mentioned that the process of buying tickets has not changed since the hurricane,  “The situation with the tickets will stay the same as it was before the hurricane where students can buy a homecoming ticket on GoFan for 30 dollars, and that same ticket can count for both the dance and the football game.” 

The Homecoming game is scheduled for the 9th of November, at 7:00 P.M. against Ida Baker High School. Purchasing tickets to the dance also gains access to the game, and vice versa. More information about how and where to buy tickets are on each class’ Google Classroom. 

There is no longer a school-wide pep rally on Thursday, November 10th. It will not be rescheduled.

An anticipated event among the student body, Powderpuff is one of the highlights of Homecoming week. Sophomore and participating in Powderpuff, Vanessa Manzano shared her input about Tuesday’s game,  “I’m excited for the powderpuff and I think it’ll be a fun game to watch, students should expect a good competitive game.”

SGA Executive Board President and senior Anthony Busatta, in charge of planning Homecoming Week, assures that regardless of Hurricane Ian, Homecoming will still carry on, “Despite Hurricane Ian, we want to give the student body the best experience possible, everyone deserves a little fun after what everyone went through.”