Lee County will feel some impact from Tropical Storm Nicole, affecting Cape High’s Homecoming Week


Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

As of November 8th, Tropical Storm Nicole is heading towards the east coast of Florida and will make landfall by Wednesday evening. While Cape Coral is on the other side of the state, students and families should still keep their eye on the storm and be prepared to feel the impacts of Nicole. 

The storm is currently in the Atlantic Ocean, and is on track to make landfall near the Ft. Lauderdale Area as a category one hurricane. According to the current forecast, it continues to travel northwest until reaching the panhandle, and will turn through Georgia and die out somewhere in South Carolina. The strength of the storm will decrease as it moves through the state of Florida.

Wind and rain this week may stunt current recovery and rebuilding acts for the community of Lee County after Hurricane Ian. As debris is still piled on streets and tarps over roofs may not be secure, be prepared for possibly substantial damage to the area of Lee County.

Cape Coral currently is on tropical storm watch, with a rain expectancy of at least 50% until Saturday. However, flooding should be limited to the east coast of Florida. 

At Cape Coral High School, the Homecoming dance is still on track to happen. Should it rain Saturday night, students will be moved to the gymnasium, as long as max capacity for the gym isn’t met. 

Both Homecoming Court and the King and Queen announcements will be the night of Homecoming, despite tradition. As the football game was moved to Wednesday night to take into account the tropical storm, there wasn’t enough time to finalize voting. 

Thursday’s pep rally, however, has been canceled. Powderpuff’s championship occurred Tuesday night, instead. The junior class won. 

Compared to Hurricane Ian, Tropical Storm Nicole is moving at a faster rate and isn’t nearly as powerful as Ian. Nicole should be at its worst for Cape Coral by Thursday morning, and out of Florida by Friday night. 

With possible similarities to Hurricane Ian in terms of track, Lee County is keeping a close watch on the path and power of the Nicole, and nothing has been said about this storm affecting the functioning of school.

Southwest Florida is no stranger to heavy rainstorms, but after the colossal impact of Hurricane Ian, Nicole brings fear to those in unstable living conditions. 

For students trying to complete an already delayed Homecoming Week, the dress of days for the remainder of the week has not been changed. The day of the homecoming game, Seahawks will take part in Glam Day, meant to resemble the football players that dress in fancier attire on game days.