Tales of the Jedi gives viewers another out of this world experience


Courtesy of CNN

The new TV series Tales of the Jedi that came out on October 26, 2022 is a great addition to the star wars saga.  Each episode of Tales of the Jedi is different and unique in their own way, telling a short story about the Jedi from the Star Wars prequel trilogy era around, this emotionally beautiful movie gives another look at Star Wars encountered thus far in the movies. 

The Tales of the Jedi´s episodes split into two different paths. The first follows young Ahsoka Tano, played by Ashley Eckstein, across many different parts of her life. The other follows a young Count Dooku, played by Corey Burton, one before his fall to the dark side of the Force.

The movie’s script brings viewers to the core of what it really means to be a Jedi. The series wouldn’t be the same without the fantastic script that brought lots of people to tears. 

Carrie Beck and Jos Rimes impressed viewers everywhere with this amazing series. True it may not be the usual George Lucas that lots of viewers are used to seeing, but the series is still wonderfully made.

Tale of the Jedi features many incredibly talented actors, such as Corey Burton who voices Count Dooku in the new series, just like in the other series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Additionally, Ashley Eckstein is again voicing Ahsoka Tano, just like in Star Wars: Clone Wars. Kevin Kiner is also included in this list, an American film and television composer who is best known for scoring CSI: Miami, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels. With an amazing dialogue, producers Carrie Beck and Josh Rimes did a great job pulling this all together. 

The setting in Star War The Tales of the Jedi is unique. It takes place on many different planets around the galaxy in which they live in.

 The first episode focuses around Ahsoka Tano in her home-planet, Shili. Later, Ahsoka Tano is seen in Coruscant training with Anakin and giving commands to the Clones Troopers during 22 BBY. In episode two we see a young Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn as they go to a ghost planet on a mission around the years of 44-41 BBY.

In episode three, we continue to follow the former Jedi. At this time, Dooku and Master Mace Windu are investigating the death of Master Katri between 68-42 BBY. Episode four viewers get to see some fun easter eggs that go back to the Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 32 BBY. 

In the last two episodes we’re taken back to Ahsoka Tano as she continues her training with Anakin Skywalker and Ima-Gun Di, who makes appearances during Star Wars Episode 3: The Clone Wars and Order 66 around 22 BBY and 32 BBY.

A great part about this series is that it shows more about the Star Wars characters that we see in other movies and series, that we don’t know much about. For the viewers who like to watch any of the Star Wars series, this would be a good series to watch.