The World Cup is bigger and better than the Superbowl

A very popular opinion by many Amercians is that American football is on top compared to every other sport. In so many ways, this topic is completely arguable. Fútbol (soccer) is a superior sport when you really think about it in every detail and it most definitely takes the lead in top sports.
The Super Bowl and the Fifa World Cup are the two biggest events that take place in these sports, and it is easy to say that the World Cup is more outstanding and compulsive.
The World Cup occurs every four years, meaning it doesn’t happen very often. On the other hand, the Super Bowl takes place every year which just makes it boring and less exciting.
The World Cup has so much culture behind it and is a world-wide thing that brings everyone together. There is no tradition established outside of the United States when it comes to football and the Super Bowl.
Bringing every culture and ethnicity together is what really establishes this game and it helps bring our country together and make peace. Each country gets to showcase their people and cultures with a classic game of fútbol.
From a person who dislikes fútbol, it may be described as a sport where you just kick the ball and run after it. However, this isn’t the case, there is so much training involved in having the right techniques and ball control. Soccer is the most technical sport, which is why it doesn’t come so easy to some people.
Stats even show that Fútbol is the #1 sport world-wide and is played by more than 20 million people in more than 140 countries.
The World Cup is the biggest game/tournament in the world which just clearly defines how much better it is. Fans follow this tournament on a daily basis, supporting each country, and experiencing the excitement of the game itself.
There are so many games that lead up to the final bracket winners, and getting to this point in such a big event is exciting to fans.
Fifa games are so unpredictable and many games go different ways than what is expected. On top of that, many upsets come along.
On the other hand, football can be extremely predictable. Most teams go and get blown out by the best team, and that best team usually ends up winning.
In the 2022 Fifa World cup currently going on, Brazil ended up losing to Croatia in penalty kicks after a tied game of 1-1 and 30 minutes of extra time. This was one of the biggest upsets as Brazil was expected to win.
This is the excitement this sport brings, you never know what to expect.
There has been a total of 21 Fifa World Cups since 1930, meaning it has been around for about 92 years now. The Super Bowl has only been a tradition since 1967.
Fifa has been an on-going tradition and has also been the longest in sport history. This is why the culture behind it is so valued and seen. This game goes way back and introduces us to some of the best players ever in history and it is easy to say that in so many ways the World Cup is better than the Super Bowl.