The Superbowl is the most entertaining sporting event to watch

The super bowl has been a staple in American culture since 1967 and since then it has been infinitely better than the world cup.
The simple fact of the matter is that football is America’s sport no matter how you look at it. While the rest of the world conformed to soccer America made its own way instead opting to create a new and unique sport of its own.
Creating a sense of competitiveness among its 50 independent states while on the whole bringing us together.
Amazing stories of American heroes: Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, Peyton Manning these names are legendary. Each state has its own hero to root for with reigning champs and underdogs creating stories spanning generations.
All culminating in the super bowl where everyone summons their best players to compete in a clash of the gods.
The world cup can’t compare simply because football outclasses soccer in every way. With multiple ways to score it’s anyone’s game no matter the time on the buzzer. Moreover, football is easier to follow with detailed graphics explaining the plays making it more digestible for the average fan.
The super bowl is so far beyond the world cup even the commercials are hype. People wait in anticipation every year just to get a look at the famous super bowl ads.
It’s the biggest businesses in the world presenting their best tribute to the biggest event for the best sport ever made. Nothing is more hype than that.
Fans of the super bowl are also generally more sportsmanship like with world cup gaining a reputation for being sore losers.
Instead of accepting a loss when it comes, world cup fans tend to lash out usually by harassing the players.
Not to say super bowl fans aren’t guilty of this, it’s just on an astronomical scale with world cup fans.
Within the U.S. people generally have more respect for other teams because while divided at the end of the day they are united.
This even extends into the players with soccer players gaining a reputation for pulling tricks and being generally immature about their shortcomings.
Faking injuries, starting fights, arguing with the refs one could argue they’re a bad influence on the fans.
While football players do sometimes engage in childish behavior such as this they are generally more composed and respectful to their opponents.
American values protrude from their players because they are the ultimate example of what it means to live your dream.
Not to even mention the food with 50 states to pull from the amount of unique and interesting recipes people have for game day is intense.
All in all the super bowl is the far superior sporting event in every way. With the world cup falling short at every turn.