Women can coach just as well as men


Image courtesy of SBNation

Football, baseball, hockey, and basketball are all sports that are well known in our society, and they all just so happen to be dominated by men.

Most people will instantly refer to the head coach of these teams with he/him pronouns, without even knowing if they’re actually a man or a woman.

Yes, sports that are played by men are known, usually, to be coached by men. But women are just as capable to take on these positions.

If a woman has enough knowledge on a given sport that is played strictly by men, they should be able to coach the sport at a higher level, including both collegiate and professionally. They are perfectly capable of coaching these sports, as long as they are able to handle possible disrespect and/or criticism from the press.

Because the number of female coaches is very little, there is a drive in those that are given the opportunity to coach men’s sports due to those small numbers. With this drive, they can bring so much to the table that a male coach might not have to offer.

Having a female coach on the sidelines at any given sports event brings a new side to the game that most people wouldn’t have thought to recognize. Most women are able to see and correct problems at a calm and more mature level, and are able to pick apart the little things in order to break down plays.

A coach with a different gender can also bring out different traits in an athlete that they did not know they had. Athletes are able to gain and give respect on a level of authority that they would not normally be given, as society tends to view female professional coaches as less than their male counterparts.

Sports games are what fill our television channels, most of the time, when people are sitting around with nothing to do. These games are watched by both all people, so the coaching staff should reflect that.

Watching these games play out, viewers are able to pick up on what is going on throughout the game, and the women who are watching are often just as informed about the sport as their male companions.

By hiring new coaches, especially in the head coach position, new talent and eyes are brought in that can contribute so much to the team being supported by these new ideals and views.

If these teams that are dominated by men choose to steer clear of hiring women to coach teams, they could be leaving out those great contributions that could strengthen and support the athletes that viewers love to watch. Sometimes, a different and more unique coaching style is exactly what a team needs to get their plays and connections in order.

Lots of young girls are interested in coaching at a professional level, but are often told that it is mainly a place for men to find career opportunities. Instead, they should go back to the drawing board and do a complete 180 on what they want in life.

Sitting at home and seeing a woman coach a professional football team, or any league, can allow them to realize that they could also create a career for themselves. It makes it possible for younger girls to see themselves represented in the field they love.

It can open up our minds to new chances for women in the world of sports in both sexes’ games, showing that all people can effectively coach a professional league.

Just because the sport is not necessarily played regularly by women, does not mean that they are incapable of having a large role in coaching them.