Superbowl LVII goes down as one of the most memorable events in NFL history


Courtesy of The Sporting News

Super Bowl LVII was one of the best super bowls to date. The game had memorable commercials, a fantastic halftime show, and most importantly, an amazing game that came down to the very end.

The Super Bowl ended with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the favored Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Glendale, Arizona, officially ending the 2022-23 NFL season.
With this win, Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes added a second Super Bowl to his hall of fame worthy career at the age of 27, and made history becoming the first quarterback to win two league MVPs [Most Valuable Player] and two Super Bowls in the first six years of his career.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid now has the fifth most wins of all time in NFL history, and the second most wins of all time in the NFL playoffs.
Besides this, Super Bowl LVII made history in multiple other ways. For the first time ever, two black quarterbacks faced off against each other in the Super Bowl and Mahomes became the first black quarterback to have won multiple Super Bowls and Super Bowl MVPs.

Super Bowl LVII also became the third most watched television event ever, drawing in an average of 113 million viewers on Sunday.
Rihanna became the first person to ever perform while pregnant at the Super Bowl, an incredible job overall. Performance wise, the show was simplistic, but the large floating platforms suspended in the air added a cool touch. The dancers performed well, however, the outfit concept and design was questionable. The song choices were great and Rihanna had everyone’s eyes on her at the end, alone on the platform rising 60 feet high while singing her hit song “Diamonds.”

The commercials for this Super Bowl were definitely memorable as they included the return of the M&Ms spokespeople, the Burger King jingle, and the Tubi commercial that tricked everyone into thinking the channel was being changed, creating humorous exchanges online following the commercial run.

The game itself was one of the best games in Super Bowl history. The scoring started immediately, as Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts drove the ball down field and ran it in for a one yard touchdown on the first possession of the game.

The Chiefs answered immediately with a beautiful over the shoulder 18 yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to tight end Travis Kelce, and the game was tied 7 to 7 going to the second quarter.

The second quarter started hot with a 45 yard long touchdown pass from Hurts to wide receiver A.J. Brown. After a punt from the Chiefs, Hurts fumbled the ball and linebacker Nick Bolton returned it for a scoop and score touchdown.

The Eagles weren’t phased as Hurts ran the ball in for his second rushing touchdown. The defense forced another punt, and the Eagles kicked a field goal to end the half winning 14-24.

The Chiefs woke up in the second half, starting with a long five minute and 30 second drive that ended in a rushing touchdown from rookie running back Isiah Pacheco. You can see the Chiefs’ energy changed after halftime, they were all smiles and were hyped up.

The Eagles responded with an almost eight minute long possession that ended in a disappointing field goal.

The Chiefs scored another touchdown with a five yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Kadarius Toney, leading the game 28-27.

The Eagles punted, Toney caught the ball on the left side of the field, then dodged and ran the ball down right field. With an acceleration down the right sideline, Toney was then pushed out of bounds at the Eagles five yard line.

The then biggest momentum shift for the Chiefs offense was an easy touchdown with rookie wide receiver Skyy Moore, who motioned in and caught a wide open pass and scored. With this score the Eagles were down by eight and needed not only a touchdown but also a two point conversion.

After two third down conversions, Hurts found wide receiver Devonta Smith for a 45 yard gain down the left sideline before Smith’s momentum took him out of bounds at the Chiefs two yard line.

Hurts ran a QB sneak for the touchdown, fighting through two defenders to get the two point conversion, tying the game at 35.

With five minutes and 15 seconds left to run the clock and score a last-second field goal, the Chiefs drove down the field with a huge 26 yard run from Mahomes to get to the Eagles 17 yard line. Two minutes left on the clock and the Chiefs were in field goal range.

It was third and eight with a minute and 54 seconds left, the biggest moment in the game. If the Eagles stopped them, the Chiefs would kick a field goal and regain possession with enough time to tie or win the game. Yet, if the Chiefs convert, they would drain the clock and the Eagles would have minimal time to score.

Mahomes threw an uncatchable pass to wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster, and for a split second, the Eagles looked like they were regaining possession.

Moments later, a penalty flag was thrown, calling holding on cornerback James Bradberry, giving the Chiefs another set of four downs. From there, the Chiefs ran down the clock and kicked the winning field goal, earning their second Super Bowl win in four years.

This was without a doubt a superb Super Bowl that rivals some of the best Super Bowls of the past like Super Bowl LVII, Eagles versus Patriots, and Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots versus Seahawks. It had an amazing game that came down to the wire, a great halftime show by Rihanna, and memorable commercials.
An amazing event, Super Bowl LVII made history and will be remembered by football and non football fans for years to come.