Cocaine Bear is why you should never run away from a bear

Hitting theaters February 24th, Cocaine Bear is a comedic thriller showcasing its violence all throughout the action-filled movie. In addition to the disgusting bear attack scenes, the random comedy dialect makes Cocaine Bear an incredible experience for those intrigued to enjoy.
Based on a true story, Cocaine Bear begins when a Georgia company accidentally loses 15 million dollars worth of cocaine in a forest. A bear ends up consuming a very large amount of that cocaine, which led to her becoming extremely violent and attacking anyone within proximity of the highly addictive drug.
With a running time of just over 90 minutes, Cocaine Bear never included a dull moment. Throughout the duration of the entire movie, the viewer was completely immersed with the storyline of who would be able to escape the rampant bear.
Cocaine Bear included moments of comedic experience and provoked laughter throughout the entire full theater, which may come as a surprise, as very violent murders are seen throughout the film.
The two young children going on a hunt to find a waterfall to paint, Henry and Dee Dee, were the youngest to come across the lost cocaine. After consuming some of the cocaine themselves, the children come into contact with “cocaine bear.”
This led to a suspenseful storyline of a mother running through a dangerous forest to search for her young teenage daughter, not knowing if she remained alive at that time.
Henry and Dee Dee shared some of the most laughable moments of the movie, including when they first consumed the drug, by eating about a tablespoon at a time, and when they were face to face with the company searching for the lost cocaine, who were risking the children’s lives at the time.
The dramatic lines and prolonged moments of suspense when the bear was near caused anxiety, while also including funny lines to make the audience burst out laughing, all at the same time.
The first death caused by the bear seen in the movie foreshadowed the following occurrences, which was when a couple was together hiking in the forest and made contact with the bear. The woman assured her boyfriend that all was fine and to stay calm, which resulted in him viewing the painful death of his girlfriend after being attacked by the bear.
The film included multiple storylines simultaneously occurring with each other. It seemed as though everyone who was in proximity to the bear throughout the movie rarely, if ever, saw each other, building suspense in the movie.
It seemed as though the bear was in multiple places at once with the fast paced environment of the film, building more tension as to who his next victim may be, or if those in danger have the ability to outrun, or potentially outsmart, the cocaine bear.
Although there were many deaths seen throughout the movie in very gorey scenes, the ending of the movie led to the audience feeling relieved when the two young children and the mother were all together safe and sound.
Cocaine Bear definitely taught the audience one important life lesson to follow: never go near mysterious cocaine in the middle of the woods, and most definitely don’t go near a bear afterwards.