Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is full of “Delicate” parts


AJ Cudnik

Love made me crazy: Taylor Swift performs “Don’t Blame Me.”

Taylor Swift, one of the world’s current top pop artists, is venturing into her long awaited tour, The Eras Tour. Swift is currently traveling all across the United States from March through August of 2023, with international dates to later be announced. The Eras Tour is composed of different songs, outfits, and traditions from each of Swift’s “eras,” exploring her ten albums. 

On Saturday, April 15th, Swift concluded her three-night weekend of performing at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, her fourth weekend performing in the US leg of The Eras Tour.

Since the cancellation of Swift’s Loverfest tour in 2020 due to the global quarantine and outbreak of COVID-19, Swift has released three more albums: folklore, evermore, and Midnights. With The Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018 marking the last time Swift has been on stage, four more albums were added to her discography that have never been heard live.

The entire concert was a magical, perfect experience for everyone to go to, no matter where their seats were, as all seats, floor or nosebleeds, gave Swifties the best night of their lives.

Swift made sure that every single one of her fans attending her concerts are recognizable by her by handing out light up bracelets controlled to light up in different colors and patterns for each song that she performs.

Her entrance was iconic. Fans could have never predicted the majestic entrance that Swift made to “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’’ from Lover, specifically featuring the line “it’s been a long time coming but, it’s you and me, that’s my whole world,” which makes each person feel connected to Swift, even with 70,000 other fans in the stadium.

After the first song of the show, Swift transitioned into “Cruel Summer.” She spoke to the audience for the first time during the show right before the bridge of the song, telling them that they were at the bridge and that she “prefers we cross it together.” 

One of the most fascinating parts of the over three hour long production that Swift put on was the props. Every single song had a whole set up that Swift and her back-up dancers put on.

Along with the amazing production of each song and era, the transitions were quick and flawless. Swift disappears into the stage and does a quick change as the scenery of the stage transforms into the upcoming era. The transitions only took about a minute for the crew to complete, with the audience staying entertained by visuals and auditory effects occurring throughout the stadium. 

The next era that Swift transitioned into was Fearless, featuring three of her most popular songs. As seen all over TikTok, a popular event taking place during this era is marriage proposals during the song “Love Story,” when she sings the line “He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, ‘Marry me, Juliet.’”

evermore was the next album featured. A popular opinion among fans that Swift doesn’t like evermore as much as her other albums due to her speaking about it less online was debunked, as she sung five songs from the album to show her love and admiration for it.

One of the most popular songs from evermore, “champagne problems,” was played, which became an emotional moment for many Swifties. Back in 2020, Swift spoke about her wish to be able to hear the whole stadium scream-sing the lyrics with her, and when that time finally came almost two and a half years later, the audience definitely showed up to fulfill her wish.

Before singing the song, she gave a speech about her love and appreciation for all of her fans who came out to see her, explaining, “I need you guys, very much, for my own well-being.” 

Although the stadium is filled with 70,000 other people seeing the same person that you are, somehow Swift manages to make the show feel so personal to each person who is attending.

Completely switching genres, Swift transitioned from the heartbreaking, storytelling, beautiful, “tolerate it,” into her album Reputation, videos of snakes filling the screens and hissing noises echoing.

During the song “Don’t Blame Me,” lights appeared on the stage that shined all the way up to the sky, looking like a gateway to the dark sky. After Swift nailed her impressive high note, the song did a fantastic transition to the song “Look What You Made Me Do,” which definitely excited each person watching. 

Returning onto the stage looking like a true princess in her massive ball gown, Swift performed one of her most popular songs from her album Speak Now, titled “Enchanted.” This is the only song that has been sung from Speak Now so far on the tour, other than those that have been featured for her surprise songs. 

Red was the next era that Swift performed, which included the song “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault).” This song is gut wrenching as many young women in the audience relate to the painful lyrics that Swift sung while telling a story about a past relationship. 

Veering into perhaps her most famous album, folklore, Swift opened with a voiceover using the lyrics of her song “seven.” From there, Swift performed songs like “august” and “betty,” discussing the stories she created in her head during the global quarantine in 2020. The visuals in this era, as well as throughout the entire concert were incredible. The screen displaying Swift did an excellent job at giving fans with obstructed views a show of their own, giving more than just a way to watch Swift perform. 

Next, Swift entered in a sparkly two piece set to perform 1989. This album features some of her most well known songs, such as “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” which at the end transitions into “Bad Blood.”

“Bad Blood” was one of the coolest performances of the entire show, with pillars of fire shooting throughout the song. Marking the first of the fan-made chants, Swifties sang the line “you forgive, you forget, but you never let it go,” during this song, noting the remix with Kendrick Lamar. Other chants took place during “Delicate” and “Anti-Hero.”

Swift performs two surprise songs during each of her shows. On night three, surprise guest Aaron Dessner, one of Swift’s co-writers and producers, played the piano while Swift sang “mad woman.” After this, the second surprise song, “Mean,” took the audience back to childhood.

Moving onto her final era for the night, her newest album released in October 2022, Swift performs Midnights. This entire era was iconic to watch with mesmerizing dance numbers, multiple quick outfit changes, and a featured TikTok dance made by creator Mikael Arellano to the song “Bejeweled.”

Confetti flies down onto the floor and fireworks erupt from the top of the stadium, which was a new addition to the tour in Tampa as it was the first open-top stadium of the tour.

The Eras Tour was the most entertaining, magical night for everyone in the crowd and Swift did a fantastic job at including a mix of nostalgia and new music to the set list.