Players are all Smiley for lacrosse season


Cooper Bisbe

Moving Forward: Bridget Wawrzyniak prepares to pass the ball.

The girls on the Seahawk Lacrosse team can’t wait to start and are looking forward to a very successful and exciting season.

The Lady Seahawks got a new coach this year, Coach Erica Smiley. “Erica Smiley is our coach. She is actually a certified lacrosse coach, so hopefully, that’ll be helpful in teaching us better plays and how to work together,” junior Margaret Wawrzyniak said.

“She [Smiley] is a lot more experienced with the sport than our last coach. She’s very excited for this season and very encouraging to the new girls and everyone,” junior Angie Perez said.

The team has been putting in a lot of hard work and time leading up to the beginning of the season. “We’ve been conditioning for about two months before break,” Perez said.

“I think that once we get on the field and the girls start seeing the actual distance they have to start running, they’ll be more prepared and conditioned,” sophomore Bridget Wawrzyniak said.

Many new girls have joined lacrosse for the upcoming season and they are willing to put in the hard work. The team allocated time specifically for their new members to learn the basics and get comfortable on the field.

They will be missing the experienced seniors that they had last year, but they are confident in the outlook of this new season and are grateful for all the knowledge their past members passed down onto them.

“We have a lot of new girls and it’s going to be great. Over half of our team last year were seniors, so we have a lot of new girls,” said Margaret Wawrzyniak.

“It’s going to be different trying to play with new girls, but I feel like we all kind of bonded together already,” she said.

The hard work all of the girls are putting in will pay off during their season where they hope to accomplish even more than they did last year. “Last year we did really well. It was one of the best records that Cape lacrosse has ever had. I hope to do the same if not better this year. I think if we work hard enough, we’ll be able to do that,” Wawrzyniak said.

With the training before the start of the season the team has become close and are learning to work together as a front. “I feel like we’re a lot more united and closer, so hopefully, we’ll make it farther,” Perez said.

The team’s first official game of the season is on February 25 at Lely at 3:30. They have been preparing and training long before the official start of the season and feel they are ready to put all of their training to the test.