Course request forms become google forms


Melanie Pena

One way for students to access their registration forms is through the counseling google classroom.

Schools have been officially closed for the rest of the academic year due to COVID-19. Due to this, Cape Coral High School has moved their class registration online.
The new online registration process includes a Google Form with course options and a separate Google Doc with the standard course catalog. The course catalog includes a list of all the electives and what the class entails.
“The online version is a separate document with the class options and small descriptions of each, and there was the Google Form where I picked my electives. I got to choose four electives and then hopefully, I’ll get placed into one,” junior Izabelle Guimaraes said.
Counselor Catherine Drake took part in creating this form. “For a few years now, we have had a process in place for students to request schedule changes electronically using Google Forms at the beginning of the school year and before second semester,” she said.
Many of the students who have completed this agree that this way to sign up is simpler and that the school should keep it online, but this is just one of the many changes schools have had to deal with during this time. “I liked class registration on the Google Form more because it was way easier and gave me more time to think about my choices than if I was in person. I liked being able to do it whenever I wanted, but it was hard not having someone there in the same room to ask questions,” junior Shane Spotz said.
In order to try to increase the effectiveness of the Google Form, counselors have been doing their best to promote the process. “A little over a third of our students have completed the form, meaning the majority have not done so. We have advertised on our school website, in the Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023 Google Classrooms, our School Counselor Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen Google Classrooms, and our school newsletter,” Drake said.
Cape High counselors are requesting that students fill out their form and ask for help if they need it.
School districts all over the state have been going through a lot to try and adjust to all the changes and find ways that suit everyone and still work. Many things are different, and they may stay changed depending on the outcome once the new year begins.


School Counseling Google Classroom Codes:  

12th Grade: av2gg63    

11th Grade: nnisno6    

10th Grade: 6anr3vn    

9th Grade: olqq44y