Drive an Off Road Semi-Truck in Your Bedroom With Snowrunner


image courtesy of Playstation

Snowrunner is a game that reminds you of the life lesson “patience is key.” If not followed, expect your gaming controller to be lodged into your TV screen. While the game is extremely time-consuming, Snowrunner is an insanely addictive game.

Snowrunner is an off-road trucking game that makes the player traverse through tough terrain and harsh weather to finish tasks and missions to gain money. With that money the player can upgrade their trucks and upgrade their mechanics to make the perfect offroading vehicle.

Released by Focus Home and Saber Interactive, the two have established some of the most played truck simulators on the globe. The duo released Mudrunner three years before, which when compared to Snowrunner, wasn’t a large hit in the market.

The developers made sure to incorporate all of the components that were missing from Mudrunner into Snowrunner. One of these components was the need for snow, hence the new name: Snowrunner.

With the addition of snow, new mechanics are added such as slippery surfaces, ice lakes, snow traction, and chained tires. All of these help counteract the rough snowy conditions of blizzards and icy conditions.

Snowrunner added three new maps to the table; The maps are larger than the ones in Mudrunner. The maps are all set in different locations (Michigan, Alaska, and Russia) All of these maps include smaller-sized maps. In Michigan, for example, there are four smaller maps: Black River, Smithville Dam, Drummond Island, and Island Lake.

Along with these maps are the ability to find new machines, upgrades, and trailers. Multiple missions are spread across the landscape for the player to complete. These missions range from rescue and repair, delivery, and time trial missions. Once they are completed, money and experience are awarded to the player.

Some of the missions can be tedious, however; The missions sometimes can take hours to complete. This is mainly because of the mechanics within the game such as gravity and mud. This makes missions much more difficult as the truck can tip over or get stuck in a pit of mud.

I once got into a recovery mission that took me six hours to complete. In the process, I became frustrated and almost decided to quit. Sometimes the missions are extremely hard that it would require a youtube tutorial to finish.

While Snowrunner may be hard to play, it offers the ability to play with up to three friends online. One player could be managing cargo, another could be a maintenance vehicle, and another could be a tow truck. You can also do a caravan and transport every material at once.

The game also allows the player to download mods from the mod browser. If the base-game vehicles/maps aren’t enough for you, the mod hub will surely have something to compensate.

One of the most notable features in Snowrunner is the soundtrack. The music changes based on your location. In Michigan, western country music plays to match the mountain vibes and in Alaska, the music is more atmospheric as if you’re lost in the woods.

When compared to prior games, Snowrunner has extremely well built graphics. A well-noticed graphic is the sun rays when the player looks towards the sun at dawn and dusk. The game incorporates realistic movement to the plants and trees as well; The wind sways the branches of the trees and plant stems back and forth.

It is not suggested to people who find themselves getting impatient easily. Snowrunner is a game about taking your time and not being as fast as possible. With all the brand new features this game gives when compared to its predecessors, Snowrunner is a solid 8.5/10 for everything it offers.