Coffee is the superior drink


Clare McMillan

A lovely cartoon depicting the power of a cup of joe

Tea and coffee are two popular drinks that lots of people enjoy drinking. Whether it is hot or iced, it is a favorite drink among many. Coffee and tea vary in different ways, but overall, coffee is widely considered the superior of the two drinks due to a multitude of reasons.

Coffee can be changed and altered in a plethora of  ways, for example turning hot coffee into iced or adding creams and sugars into coffee which exponentially enhances its flavor. But coffee can go beyond sugar and the millions of creamers, coffee can be crafted in different ways to make different drinks, too. Coffee is also customizable. The use of cream and sugar can completely transform the taste of a drink and can be altered to one’s preference.

For example, someone could go to their local coffee shop and order an iced coffee, and can add pumps of caramel or any other kind of flavor they wish,  they can also modify the milk in the coffee if needed. Or maybe it is the festive season and someone wishes to order something to celebrate the festivities, they could choose to order a seasonal flavor such as pumpkin spice into their drink. Not all of these creative liberties apply for tea, and with a lack of these options, it is quite clear why many people are a fan of coffee and its wide range of possible flavors.

There is also another quite popular drink which originates from coffee, containing coffee. This drink is known as the Frappuccino. The Frappuccino is a drink with a blended coffee or creme base, which is blended with ice and other ingredients, all usually topped with whipped cream and flavored syrups. While people argue against these drinks as they do not contain much coffee, they still do contain some, which shows the foundations for what wonderful creations coffee can help create. 

Coffee also has quite a lot of health benefits that aren’t found in the majority of teas. The most well known benefit of coffee is that it increases energy levels and makes people feel less tired, and more alert. This is a main reason why people drink coffee in the morning, to prepare them for the day ahead of them. Being more awake and alert during the day can lead to other things such as better efficiency and productivity with work and other daily tasks.

On top of being more productive, coffee can also improve physical performance in individuals. According to the website Healthline,  ´´..But it also increases epinephrine (adrenaline) levels in your blood  This is the fight-or-flight hormone, which prepares your body for intense physical exertion.´´ So, for example, if someone likes to work-out, but can’t seem to get that motivation in, maybe that cup of coffee will give that person  the boost of adrenaline needed.

From what has been shown and expressed, coffee is much better than tea. From a wide variety of creative options to its health benefits, coffee is just simply the morning drink of choice for its taste and effects alike for many people.